Thursday, March 12, 2009

[WoW - Hunter] Level 77 means never having to say you're landlocked.

First off, I just want to say that I hate shouting, and I don't think that the guy above should be asking me if I was bitten. That's a private matter between Stillwater and his Night Elf lady friends.

Anyway, I'm proud to have finally reached level 77, and all of it from the comfort of doing Kalu'ak Dailies and Grizzly Hill quests. To date, I have not yet done Zul'Drak, and I might just skip it for the chance to do the Oracle questlines in Sholazar Basin. Just a handful of quests away from finishing up Grizzly, and then I may just head there directly.

To that end, I'm also proud to announce that level 77 also means never having to say you're landlocked. By that, I mean I can now fly around Northrend without having to worry so much about travel expenses, and on my engineered Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, to boot!

First off though, I may need to look into the pros and cons of skipping Zul'Drak. As much as I want to do the quests in Sholazar, there may be something important in Zul'Drak that I need to do, such as a faction questline, or something else.

Would anyone care to enlighten me on the pros and cons of skipping ZD?


Faulsey said...

Con: Zul'Drak has one of the most amazing questlines in WoW, involving the trolls and their gods. Admittedly, I loved it so much because the main focus is the snow leopard goddess, and my pet is a snow leopard, but it's still a fantastic story.

Victor Stillwater said...

Isn't that supposed to be a pro rather than a con?


Faulsey said...

It's a con of SKIPPING ZD :P

It was late at night, and you asked for pros and cons of skipping, so I responded a bit too literally. :3

Victor Stillwater said...

ah... :)