Sunday, March 22, 2009

[General] What a week it's been!

I took some time off from posting content on this blog and my personal one to go and finish up some real-world things that needed my attention, the most important of which was completing and sending my application to the Ateneo de Manila University for graduate studies.

Suffice it to say that the one big thing standing between me and graduate studies will be the exam that'll be coming up on May 9.

Despite my being unable (or perhaps unwilling would be the better word choice) to post updates here, I did update the blog's World of Warcraft blogroll with some more hunter-related goodness.

A very special shoutout goes to Garwulf of Huntsman's Lodge for not only offering sage advice to a perpetual hunter-in-training like myself, but for also offering to make Giantmaim Legguards at no charge once I scrounge up the mats for it.

Anyway, expect another post within 24 hours with a status update on Stillwater. Cheers!

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