Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[WoW - Hunter] Becoming a Veteran of the Wrathgate

I didn't know that this seemingly innocuous questline I followed with a missing courier could lead me to an epic questline and a new achievement. I encourage everyone who's ever been in the Dragonblight zone to go and do the quest beginning at Star's Rest (for the Alliance, anyway).

It doesn't have a formal name, so let's just call it the Veteran of the Wrathgate questline. It's comprised of around 37 parts (more if you do some optional quests for specific areas that are close to the region you're in), which begin with a missing courier and lead up to an epic battle at the Wrathgate, and even finishes with the storming of the Undercity.

All in all, you get some useful Blue-level upgrades for your character, an achievement, 1/3 of the Required Quests for the Dragonblight zone questing achievement, and an awesome replayable cinematic that can be accessed by talking to a giant red dragon.

For more information on the questline, feel free to check the link above for the Veteran of the Wrathgate achievement, there's a list of links for both Alliance and Horde so that people can do the questline.

The only thing missing: a title like "Wrathgate Survivor" for following this epic quest to completion.

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Trina said...

I absolutely loved the Wrath Gate achievement and quest line, I will admit I cheated though, I did some research prior and discovered if you did the quest on a day where the fishing daily in Shattrath is "Crocks in the city" you can go into Org (Instance style) and fish unscathed by the hordies hehe. After you catch the croc, don't loot it just keep fishing, 2 or three casts later, boom, there's your rare Org fish for the achievement :)

PS: Adding you to my blogroll, fantastic blog thus far! Good luck in writing!