Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Never Forget: Ascaron and Sacred 2

It recently came to my attention via twitter that Ascaron, the guys behind Sacred 2: Fallen Angel had filed for bankruptcy and had actually closed its doors a few days ago.

When I originally heard the news about Ascaron's bankruptcy some time ago, it didn't seem like a big deal at the time, mostly because they were still chugging along as if everything was okay, and that things would right themselves in time.

Except, they weren't okay, and some recent posts on their forums reflected this.

A pair of threads on the Sacred 2 Forums, entitled "The Current Situation About Sacred 2" and "Ascaron R.I.P." had one of the community managers announcing what would be happening to the game: that a different company responsible for the customer support for the game would be taking over, and that those folks originally responsible for making the game awesome were more or less gone as of a few days ago.

It's a sad thing to see a game die a slow death, but there's still one more addon left for the game: one last, great adventure to be had. Hopefully, that also means that Sacred 2 will be remembered by many as an awesome game worthy of praise and admiration for breathing life into the souls of dungeon-crawling, loot-seeking, kobold-slaying adventurers like myself.


mbp said...

NB NB if you are on the Euro free trial week did you spot that you can buy a lifetime sub for only £75 / €110. That's a very sweet deal but it hasn't been advertised or explained by Codemasters at all. Rumour on the forums has it that the deal runs out tomorrow when the free trial ends.

Victor Stillwater said...

I actually was a part of the US free trial. :)

10 days was enough to impress upon me the awesomeness of this game. :)